In this FREE (yes 100% free!) 8 week course you will learn how to reduce your personal information online. We will focus on data collection websites that share and sell personal details like your home address (what?!), your phone number (are you serious?!!) , your birthday (and no b-day presents), and who your relatives are (not Nana!).


Often times this information is used to target people for cyber attacks. Dealing with the aftermath of a cyber attack is time-consuming, costly, and frustrating.

I want to save you from this 🤯headache.

The average cost of recovering from a cyber attack, like identity theft, is $1,205.


By the end of this course…

You will learn to be intentional with the information you choose to share online and stomp out non-consensual data sharing. Yasss!

You will limit your risk to identity theft, hacking, and being targeted by online bullies and trolls. Bye bye haters! 👋

You will feel 💪empowered that you control your personal information.


What you'll receive…

Each week you will receive an 📫email that overviews a website that makes money by sharing and selling personal data. We will walk through how to identify if your information is available on this website and how to request that it be removed.

By the end of the 8 weeks, your personal data will be removed from the major data aggregator websites and you will be a step closer to protecting your information online.

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Meet Kristen

Kristen has spent the last six years of her career working in tech. She has contributed to the information security teams of two major companies: Mailchimp and The New York Times. While working at Mailchimp she worked as an application security engineer and focused on developing their program to educate product engineers about secure coding. She shifted her area of focus when she joined The New York Times and now manages their security awareness program.