My Top 3 Favorite Security Podcasts

Last year I moved to New York City and one of my favorite things is my commute to work. And it’s not because the New York subways are so great. It’s because I finally have uninterrupted time to listen to podcasts.

Today I am sharing some of my favorite cybersecurity podcasts that might liven up your commute.

Cyber, by Motherboard

Motherboard is one of my favorite sources for cybersecurity news and I was beyond excited when they launched their podcast. This is a relatively new podcast but they have already tackled some great topics. The best thing about this podcast, it that it’s short with the average episode being around 30 minutes. I also love that the content is easily digestible for people from different levels of technical knowledge.

Favorite Episode: The Base - CYBER host Ben Makuch and reporter Mack Lamoureux recently spent months embedded on in a secretive social network called “The Base," which is used by American neo-Nazis to organize real-life meetups.

The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show, by Michael Bazzell

OSINT = Open Source Intelligence Gathering aka knowing how to look up private information about people and companies online.

This podcast is great if you are looking for some next level shit. His recommendations can feel extreme at times but Michael is extremely knowledgable and gives insight into the mindset and motives of hackers and the tools they use. I listen to it regularly and try to repurpose some of his best recommendations and resources for Don’t Click on That.

Also if you ever need to disappear, Michael Bazzell is your guy.

Favorite Episode: A Conversation with the EFF - In this episode Michael Bazzell sits down with the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) to discuss secure messaging platforms and recommendations.

The Social-Engineer Podcast, by

The Social-Engineer podcast is hosted by a team of actual social engineers. But these aren’t the bad guys. They work with companies to social engineer employees so they can work on fixing their weak areas before the bad guys get there.

Social Engineering = The use of deception to influence or manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for malicious purposes.

This podcast takes a look at the intersection between psychology and security and also how social engineering can be applied to other industries. These episodes can be long, but the hosts are sweet and have an infectious personality. I might be a little biased because I had the privilege of training with Chris and he is one of the nicest people I have met working in cybersecurity (or maybe ever).

Chris also founded the Innocent Lives Foundation, which uses social engineering to track and capture predators who traffic and exploit children.

Favorite Episode: The Aftermath: How our hack affected Kevin Roose - Kevin, New York Times Business Reporter, asked Chris and his team of expert social engineers to hack him. There was no restrictions - phishing, vishing, impersonation and a complete d0x were all on the table. In this episode, Chris and Kevin talk about the results.

Before you listen to this episode, check out this short video on how Social-Engineer hacked Kevin Roose.

Honorable Mentions

Great episodes from a non-security podcast.

The Snapchat Thief by Reply All - In this episode, the Reply All team investigates a dark business behind stealing social media handles.

Is Facebook Spying on you? by Reply All - Come on, we’ve all wondered about this! Have you ever seen an ad on Facebook after having a conversation about it? Reply All investigates how they do it.

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